Benzene Fenceline Monitoring

EPA 325 Requirements

In September, 2015 the EPA finalized the "Refinery Risk, Techology Review and New Source Performance Standard" requiring refineries to implement a fenceline monitoring program for Benzene.  

EPA 325 includes two sub-parts:

  • EPA 325A: sampler Deployment and VOC Sample Collection
  • EPA 325B:  Sampler Preparation and Analysis.

These complimentary methods cover the design, deployment, preparation, and analysis of a series of passive diffusion sampling devices located at specified poits around the refinery property line.  These samplers operate on a 2-week time period, with the devices being changed out and analyzed every 14 days. 


Golden's Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program 


Golden offers a wide-range of cost-effective solutions for your facility:

  • Sheltered sampling stations
  • Passive sorbent tubes with diffusion caps
  • Sample kits including:  
    • passive sorbent tubes
    • diffusion caps
    • wrenches
    • gloves
    • pre-printed chain-of-custody forms








  • Assistance with sample station installation
  • Sample tube collection and replacement services on request
  • In-house laboratory analysis of sorbent tubes samples
  • Automatic replenishment kit shipment every 14 days
  • Analysis Only options
  • Volume discounts

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