Scientific research has evolved in the past 15 years with regards to GHG’s. Still lacking in the topic is if the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is contributing to changes in the earth’s climate. While this assertion is controversial, many industries, have begun to investigate how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by monitoring them. Peer reviewed papers on the topic can be found going back to the 1950s, and consensus landscape has morphed as time has passed.  Visible in the middle of the debate and research are both good and bad data, the blending of which makes it difficult for the layman or the POTUS, to get a clear answer. 

Golden does not profess to have the answer to the overarching question "What’s the link between increases of GHG and the weather phenomenon we are experiencing?"  We understand the principles of a greenhouse and those effects as the sun and its energy are released in the form of radiation to our atmosphere. But that is not our expertise, our expertise is the analysis of, among other compounds, GHG’s.  We purposely stay out of that conversation in a public forum, because we are not experts on both sides of the question, we stick to what we are good at, that’s analysis.  With that said, the increases of GHG’s is real, and significant in terms of concentration changes.  For 15 years we have studied several of our client’s sites for levels of GHG’s, including working in China and have without changing technological approach or calibrations curve or analyst, seen substantial increases in the concentration levels, including water vapor. 

The primary greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone.  Samples can be collected on site by your technicians for integrated samples or grab samples, or they can be analyzed onsite Realtime.  If there is no data at all currently, grab or integrated samples are the best first step.  If the potential release is batch or cyclical, then  Realtime on site studies provide the best clarity of the situation.  Contact our GHG expert for advice on analytical approaches. 

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