EPA Method Analysis


3C Fixed Gases
5 Particulate Matter
8A H2SO4 and SO2 - by barium-thorim titration
8A modified H2SO4 and SO2 - by IC
10 Carbon Monoxide  (bags and canisters)
11 Hydrogen Sulfide - by in-lab titrations
18 VOCs by GC (condensates and adsorbent tubes)

VOCs by GC (bags)

BTEX:  benzene, toluene, ethylbenene, -m-xylene, p-xylene, an o-xylene  (bags)

THC:  Total Hydrocarbons (bags)
  C1-C6 as n-Alkanes (bags)
  C1-C6 & HRVOcs (bags)

18-type/ASTM D1946

C1-C6 VOCs and HRVOCs - % and ppm levels + BTU (bags)
26A Hydrogen Halides (HCl, Hbr, HF)

Halogens (CLs, Br2)
29 Multiples Metals
30B Mercury Vapor - including onsite
201A Particulate Matter
202 CPM:  Back-Half Condensable Particulate Matter (includes DI, organic, & CPM filter)
300 Anions:  F-, Cl-, BR-, SO4-2-, NO3-, PO4-3-
308 Methanol - 3 fraction run (2 silica gel & 1 DI water) 
315 Particulates - MeCl2 extractable matter (4 fractions)
316 Formaldehyde - mineral wool & wool fiberglass industries
320 modified VOC's & Inorganics - by in-laboratory FTIR
323 Formaldehyde
325B Benzene
8620b Low Level VOC's in solid/liquid waste matrices
7199 Hexavalent Chromium:  Cr+6


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