Laboratory Services

Whether you provide air quality samples or we test for you, our lab's mission is the same: to consistently deliver the highest quality analysis in the industry for air quality compliance testing and exposure monitoring.  The goal of our Laboratory is to provide the highest quality analytical data based on sound tecnical knowledge and experience and customer service that consistently meets or exceeds client expectations. 

We designed our state-of-the-art, NELAP-accredited lab to meet this goal.  Golden Specialty's experienced chemists and analysts use high throughput, cutting-edge technology to generate accurate and comprehensive data.  

Our reports are validated by rigorous quality assurance procedures before timely electronic or hard-copy delivery.

We are committed to providing accurate, reliable, professional analytical services and data that are legally defensible, scientifically valid, and of known and documented quality in a cost-effective manner in compliance with state, and federal regulatory requirements. 

Services Provided



Ambient and Source Level Analysis - Platforms & Capabilities

  • Agilent GC/MS – sub-ppb levels using cryo-focus
  • GC Analysis – various detectors
  • Micro TCD GC analysis
  • weights and measures
  • titrations


  • SW-846 Method 8260B - cooling tower & process samples
  • TO-14A and TO-15 – including certified-clean canisters
  • Method 18 – under 20 ppb
  • sulfur analysis – low sulfur variability
  • refinery gas, flare & fuel line analysis
  • Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds (HRVOC’s)
  • Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (PAMS) analysis

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